Sentiment Analysis:

The process of computationally identifying and categorizing opinions expressed in a piece of text, especially in order to determine whether the writer’s attitude towards a particular topic, product, etc. is positive, negative, or neutral.

ex-Great-Positive, Not great-Negative

Why sentiment analysis?

Natural Language Processing and Text-Preprocessing

1.What is Text Preprocessing?

Machine learning task, cleaning or preprocessing the data is as important as model building if not more. And when it comes to unstructured data like text, this process is even more important. Machine learning not take input as unstructured Text Preprocessing ‘’To preprocess your text simply means to bring your text into a form that is predictable and analyzable for your task’’ .its is mainly used in NLP.NLP is a subfield of computer science and artificial intelligence concerned with interactions between computers and human (natural) languages.

Steps of Test-Preprocessing:

Mahima Gupta

python developer

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