A Beginner’s Guide to Sentiment Analysis with Python(textblob)

  • In Politics: In political field, it is used to keep track of political view, to detect consistency and inconsistency between statements and actions at the government level. It can be used to predict election results as well!
  • In Public Actions: Sentiment analysis also is used to monitor and analyse social phenomena, for the spotting of potentially dangerous situations and determining the general mood of the blogosphere.

What is TextBlob?

textblob is the python library for processing textual data. build on the top of nltk.it is easier to use and it provides additional functionality, such as rules based sentiment scores.
Install it using following pip command:

pip install textblob
  • Subjectivity: How subjective, or opinionated a word is. 0 is fact. +1 is very much an opinion.


You can use .sentiment method to find sentiment of any document and transcript .while this is not sophisticated technique.



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